Kindling Your Sacred Fire, Mastering Your Purpose and Composing Greatness

Kindling Your Sacred Fire

We ascend into the Labyrinth with award winning composer, masterful musician, entrepreneur and business strategist, Christopher Caliendo. Christopher has published over 400 theatrical works, composing scores for TV Shows like Dallas, 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures. His work has been performed by the LA Philharmonic symphony at the Hollywood Bowl, he has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, he is also the recipient of numerous awards, decorative scrolls and honors. Christopher’s abilities have allowed him to be twice-commissioned by his Holiness Pope John Paul II to compose music for the Vatican’s “Encounters of Sacred Contemporary Music Festival” in Rome.

Christopher’s explosive journey is a colorful spectrum of imaginative vision, relentless execution and fostering principles of integrity. He enlightens us about the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’, which he defines as one of life’s greatest moments by rising above our mental, physical and spiritual exhaustion to transform ourselves. Christopher shares how effective leadership is spawned from learning how to ‘self-heal yourself’ in order to empathetically lead and guide others to achieving greatness. He teaches us how musicians are adept to analytical thinking, taking criticism, time management, communication and attention to detail that are transferrable skills to cultivate success in the corporate world.

Christopher Caliendo has lived an extraordinary life through his passion for music and becoming a master of his craft. He conducts a phenomenal interview rooted in the soil of manifesting your purpose, fostering your sacred fire and persevering through life’s challenges with the highest morale aim. This fascinating episode will help invigorate your spirit, kindle your ambition and expand your realm of possibilities.

Christopher’s Book Recommendation: “12 Rules for Life” by Jordan Peterson

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