Making Long Tones Exercises More Enjoyable and Productive!

Making Long Tones Exercises More Enjoyable and Productive!

Making Long Tones Exercises More Enjoyable and Productive is a web-tv documentary special of Matt Krejci, a tenured faculty at the University of the Pacific.

We explored:

  • his parents and family
  • his path to the flute
  • his formal education
  • why the flute?
  • what choices did he make upon graduation?
  • were there many options?
  • what were his orchestral and chamber music interests?
  • How he managed to pay his fixed and variable costs to support yourself
  • Matt then shares pedagogic insights on making long-tone exercises more enjoyable and productive. He illustrates his training with selective repertoire:
  • use of crescendo/ diminuendo  (with available tuner) and necessary embouchure adjustments. Faure, Morceau de Concours and  Holcolm, Jazz Etude
  • trills on long tones  “William Schade, Etude
  • double-tonguing exercises    St Saens,  Air d Ballet from Ascanio
  • learning and using vibrato to be expressive.

Matt sums up his interview by providing advice to young flutists.


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