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Christopher Caliendo is an award-winning film composer whose musical experiences bridge the illustrious age of Hollywood into the contemporary scene. Lauded for his “excellent orchestra scores…” David Kehr NY Times, Caliendo embraces diverse styles from classical to world pop whose music signals the next generation of Hollywood music. He brings a literate, distinctive voice to each project, whether an epic period drama or an intimate indie film. He has earned acclaim from Henry Mancini for his transportive melodies and emotional precision. With one ear to the past and an eye to the future, Caliendo’s rich musicality makes him a compelling choice to elevate any director’s vision. His ability to traverse genres and eras speaks to a timeless quality that resonates with audiences worldwide.

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Carousel of Fame

“The score to Sony Pictures, Major Dundee by Christopher Caliendo is a tremendous asset. A great victory!” – Leonard Maltin, film critic.

“Having watched ‘The Iron Horse’ in the new 20th Century Fox version, with its excellent orchestral score…” David Kehr – New York Times

“He is developing into a most important composer.”
Henry Mancini Multiple Academy, and Grammy Award winner

The Team


Experience the harmonious fusion of classical mastery and contemporary brilliance through the talents of our dynamic composing team.

Christopher’s classical training and deep reverence for the illustrious Hollywood heritage, combined with his profound understanding of world music traditions, infuse your project with the timeless elegance of orchestral scores that capture the essence of cinematic storytelling.

Complementing this is Mark’s virtuosity in pop music and engineering prowess, seamlessly interweaving cutting-edge beats, electronic artistry, and production finesse that resonate with today’s audiences.

Mark Keefner
Mark Keefner

Mark Keefner is the driving force behind Waymo Music and Sound Design, a platinum-award-winning recording and production company with clients spanning the entire entertainment spectrum.

Mark has been called a visionary music engineer and pop composer whose work transcends eras and genres. With each release, he challenges the boundaries of pop, redefining what it means to be era-defining and timeless in a world of ever-shifting tides.

For Keefner, pop music is not just a genre; it’s a conduit for human expression, a universal language that transcends barriers and speaks to the shared experiences that bind us all. His vision is to create works that resonate across generations, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape and solidifying his place as a true architect of the pop pantheon.

Mike Cc Photo
Mike Cc Photo

With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, Mike Yadzyn brings a unique and valuable perspective as the exclusive manager for renowned composer Christopher Caliendo. Yadzyn’s musical journey began with playing violin at a young age, becoming an accomplished performer with major orchestras after graduating from the Manhattan School of Music. He augmented his industry acumen through diverse roles – serving as a music copyist and proofreader on major Hollywood film scores, organizing sheet music as a librarian, and honing business skills as a commercial banker where he won the Business Development Officer of the Year Award multiple times.

By combining lifelong musical passion with business expertise, Yadzyn represents Caliendo with sensitivity to both creative and financial needs. His multifaceted career provides the ideal foundation for managing Caliendo’s success, with an intuitive understanding of artistic vision balanced with strategic oversight. Yadzyn is uniquely qualified as Caliendo’s exclusive manager.


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