A Drive to Serve

A Drive to Serve

A Drive to Serve is about the co-creator of the Flute Forum sharing his testimony on early childhood, how the pandemic affected his life, a portfolio career, and the development of the Flute Forum.

    • early childhood
    • adapting to the flute
    • the Magnet Arts Program (need name of this school ) and teachers name
    • how I classify my talent
    • my mom and grandparents
    • formal education
    • I met my wife- the pandemic hit – the pandemic hit
    • why real estate?
    • the pandemic hit
    • philosophy
    • the intellectual process of composing
    • going to school to get jobs that don’t exist
    • realization of growth through traumatic times
    • adapt in a way that is sustainable for my family
    • testimony is so powerful
    • this is who I am
    • using soft skills to pivot into another career
    • you cannot be a successful flutist unless you are your own boss
    • success tip – use social media tools to your advantage
    • co- creating the flute forum


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