Gypsy Americano

Gypsy Americano

Gypsy Americano,  an original style of music blending dance, American jazz, and world Gypsy music was produced in Dallas, Texas a few years back at the National Flute Convention. Twenty-four arrangements from the CD Gypsy Americano were released, one of which, “Meriben” was awarded first prize for newly published flute music in the United States. The same award was given to Caliendo Music Publishing in 1999 for my arrangement of “La Milonga” for multiple flutes. In residence at the 1998 Cabrillo Music Festival with Academy Award-winning composer John Corigliano, I premiered my “Trio Concertino” featuring myself on guitar, violinist Rachel Purkin and Double Bassist David Young and a large orchestra. The performance led to “Jazz Flight” a commission by the Redland Symphony Orchestra once again featuring Mr. Caliendo on acoustic guitar.

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