Flute Sonata No. 4 (The Spanish Sonata)

Flute Sonata No. 4 (The Spanish Sonata)

Flute Sonata No. 4 (The Spanish Sonata)

Movement 1:

Marianne talks about how the value of gestures and shows us how not to play the melody and how she prefers to play it.

Movement 2:

Marianne reviews the florid melodic lines of this movement, offering insights on how to interpret them. In reviewing the enormous amount of notes in this movement, Marianne talks about releasing the anxiety of playing all the notes by focusing on the gestures. In doing this, the movement plays itself with infinite movement and floridity.

Movement 3:

Marianne describes the challenges of playing this moment by comparing it to Peter and the Wolf given its unyielding virtuosity. Take each page at a time and be in the moment at that specific time. Stay with what you are doing and be invigorated.


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Flute Sonata No. 4 the Spanish Sonata

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