JULY 2021

Dennis Kushner Report

Get the latest on global, US, and regional trends in the economy and finance every month within 35 minutes from our adjunct faculty financial adviser, Dennis Kushner!

Here are some of the highlights Dennis covers for the month of July, 2021!

Key Economic Indicators

  • GDP – Gross Domestic Product
  • Inflation
  • Unemployment – Federal
  • Unemployment – California
  • Price Per Barrel of Oil

The Global Economy

  • China Growth Slows, Still Resilient Economy
  • Canada GDP Falls Short – Close to Bottoming Out
  • Economic Sun Still Struggling to Rise in the East
  • Brazil and Mexico Inflation Still Hot

The Domestic Economy


  • S. Economy Recovery Continues, Growing Pains Remain

Artificial Intelligence

 What is Artificial Intelligence?

  • Top 10 Artificial Trends:
  • AI for Cyber Security and Data Breach
  • AI can assist in Structuring Data
  • AI chat Bots
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Quantum AI
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • AI in Healthcare
  • AI with the Internet of Things
  • Facial Recognition
  • Edge Computing

The Technology Sector Outlook for 2nd Half of 2021

  • The Digital Economy
  • The Rise of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC)
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance Considerations (ESG)

Other Economic Indicators

  • Inflation
  • Trade Exports
  • Trade Deficit
  • Retail Sales
  • S. Jobs Report
  • California Jobs Report
  • Interest Rates
  • Mortgage Rates
  • The Manufacturing Index

U.S. Employment Job Report

Payrolls increased by 850,000 in June

Unemployment increased to 5.9% in June from the 5.8% May

There are still 7.6 million fewer jobs since the beginning of the pandemic

California Employment Jobs Report

Payrolls increased by 73,500 in June

Unemployment decreased to 7.7% in June from the 5.8% May

Other Economic Factors:

  • Factory Orders – drop due to supply and demand
  • Small Business Confidence
  • Consumer Confidence – rises again!
  • Crude Oil Prices
  • Housing Starts
  • New Home Sales
  • Exisiting Home Sales
  • Productivity Quarterly Update
  • Company Displacement

And so much more! All within 35 minutes!

Dennis Kushner, an FRC partner based in San Diego, California, has led turnarounds and restructuring of small to mid-market companies as CEO, COO, and CFO. His hands-on experience in finance, accounting, operations, M&A, and business development have enabled him to make a substantial contribution to both top-line and bottom-line performance. His reports are highly sought after by chief executives across industries. Dennis has an MBA from the Marshall School of Business.

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