The Connors Economic Report
July 2021

The connors report

BRIAN CONNERS – Our 2t Academy Sustainable Life Coach provides insights for Planning Today for Tomorrow’s Changes!


In this month’s report, Brian shares:


  • Keys to Surviving and Thriving in Post-Covid 19 and Beyond
  • Macro Economic Trends at a Glance
  • The Economy at a Glance
  • The Market at a Glance
  • US Equities at a Glance
  • Inflation at a Glance
  • Lumber Prices at a Glance
  • Used Car Prices at a Glance
  • Housing Prices at a Glance
  • Housing Sales at a Glance
  • Housing Net Worth at a Glance
  • S&P 500 vs GDP at a Glance
  • NASDAQ COMP at a Glance
  • The New Economy at a Glance
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