BEYOND THE FLUTE with Sheridon Stokes


BEYOND THE FLUTE with Sheridon Stokes

  • how do flutes differ in their acoustical properties from other instruments?
  • Sheridon illustrates the many varieties the flute has over other instruments
  • Sheridon discusses his career, now over fifty years, as a leading recording artist in the Hollywood film studios

Sheridon performs:

Roots – African flute

Kung Fu – wood flute

Afghan flute in John Barry’s music

Rush Hour 3 – Chinese flute 

Iron Horse – shakuhachi

  • Sheridon talks about the glissandi as a special effect in world music such as quarter-tone glasses to their approach to and from the note.
  • Sheridon demonstrates different types of vibrato to help shape and color your sound. Then discusses how he teaches flutists this critical aspect of performance.
  • Sheridon delves into theatrical music and talks more about glissando, vibrato, and the shakuhachi attack so reminiscent of Indian and Gypsy music

”Syntax” by Harry Bulow

“Little Gypsy” by Christopher Caliendo

“Mei” by Fukushima plus others

  • Sheridon talks about the use of electronic devices to convey unique sounds and effects such as the echoplex, ring modulater, tone divider and amplifier
  • Sheridon discusses his own publications such as the seminal, Illustrated Method for Flute and Special Effects.
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