Become the air traffic controller of your life!

Become the air traffic controller of your life!

Become the air traffic controller of your life with Debbie Renshaw, a senior client partner with a large consulting firm that previously worked in sales for 13 years.

Debbie started her career as an accountant at Disney and a Storage Tech firm.  Her formal training is in accounting and her favorite hobby is collecting people.

Helpful Tips


  • List the zones of disruption in your life
  • How did you react? What did you do to pull yourself out of this disruption?
  • Do you see patterns? How did you adapt?
  • What one thing will you do today to stay focused?

HOMEWORK – take time and be honest with yourself – ask:

  • Am I someone with grit?
  • If I have fears – what are they? List them.
  • Am I an idea-fountain type of person? If so, what one idea can I focus on that will move my idea forward
  • the most?
  • What is the one measurable thing I should be doing in my personal life?
  • What is that one thing that is really going to make a difference?


  • List those time management techniques you would like to implement in your life today.
  • What technologies work well with your process?
  • What will you do within the one hour you invest in your daily life to renew your energy?


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