Bob Bender – How to Follow Your Course, and Let Others Do the Talking

Bob Bender of “THE BUSINESS SIDE OF MUSIC” chatted with Christopher during  his podcast.


Have you ever wondered where your passion for music was taking you? In this Covid Pandemic-focused world we currently live in, is there a way to determine the best course of action for you to take? Are you getting the most out of your core creative skills or even knowing what they are, let alone making any money off it?


Today’s guest is Christopher Caliendo, the founder of Caliendo World Music Publishing and 2T Online Learning. We talk about how to Follow your course and let others talk by being original and creative at the same time. We also discuss how to go about pivoting your core creative skills (and what that means in the first place) and finding new ways to reinvent yourself in a cluttered music environment.


Christopher discusses his amazing history in the music industry, from his humble beginnings, where he started playing guitar at 4. By the age of 9, he played professionally with the Mike Morris Quintet in New York and Long Island and started composing music at the age of 11. Attending college to obtain his music degree, Caliendo paid his way thru school by becoming a clammer, selling bags of clams to pay for his tuition. After graduating from college, he paid off his student loan debt by becoming a personal chef. He went on to win the Henry Mancini scholarship for the film. Shortly after that, he started composing for shows such as Knots Landing and Dallas and receiving an Emmy nomination for the TV show “Paradise.”


Christopher Caliendo is the 1st American composer in Vatican history to be twice commissioned by John Paul II. Christopher was also the first composer in Hollywood history to re-score a major Hollywood film for SONY Pictures (Major Dundee).


He’s won the Heritage Award twice from the Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has successfully used creative core skills to become VP/Director of Business Development for several large commercial banks in Los Angeles with assets exceeding 16 billion dollars. Awarded Business Development Officer of the Year and 10 Outstanding Recognitions for Customer Development.


Caliendo is a world music composer and concert guitarist whose diverse music styles featuring everything from Brazilian samba to Italian folk songs to American pop music to classical melodies.

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