Meniere’s Disease | Adaptability | Resurrection

Meniere’s Disease, Adaptability and Resurrection

Meniere’s Disease, Adaptability, and Resurrection.

Self-will, drive, overcoming new obstacles, my dear friend, Clare Southworth, former professor of flute at the Royal College of Music joins me and talks about her new pedagogy, the value of learning the guitar, and how to practice with a purpose.

  • The Beginner Series – Kickstart flute
  • A New Instrument
  • The Importance of Learning the Guitar
  • Talking Flutes Podcast
  • Technologies That Had to Be Learned


  • Achieve a Beautiful Sound
  • Finger Technique
  • Excerpt from Flute Sonata No. 3
  • Positive Attitude
  • Practice with a Purpose
  • Adjusting Your Mindset


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