Flute Sonata No. 4 (The Spanish Sonata)
Secrets of the Masters
Marianne Gedigian

Flute Sonata No. 4 (The Spanish Sonata)

Flute Sonata No. 4 (The Spanish Sonata) Movement 1: Marianne talks about how the value of gestures and shows us how not to play the melody and how she prefers to play it. Movement 2: Marianne reviews the florid melodic lines of this movement, offering insights on how to interpret them. In reviewing the enormous

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Identity - Towards Autonomy
Business Tips
Christopher Caliendo

Identity – Towards Autonomy

Identity – Towards Autonomy is what you will DISCOVER! The importance of personal identity in today’s music education cannot be overlooked.  Developing your unique identity can accelerate your musical career and accountability – expedite your business training and confidence.

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