It’s Not Just Knowledge, it’s Soul

It’s Not Just Knowledge, it’s Soul

It’s Not Just Knowledge, it’s Soul.  Alhiel’s interview focuses on world music education playing a role in musicality, interpretation, and performance skills that cannot be taught otherwise. Her subtopic is,  “What cannot be taught in school can be learned on our own” and it is about how a deep sense of musicality comes from training your own ear by immersing yourself in diverse musical genres through daily listening assignments.

  • what is a groove?
  • how do we teach groove?
  • what kinds of grooves are useful for a classical player?
  • looking beyond the ink.
  • the Joaquín Rodrigo Concerto.
  • learning with song not with paper
  • older professors criticizing
  • the academic path takes us away from what music really is about.
  • if you can sing it, you can play it
  • Zamarripa’s method
  • putting the rhythm and the song above the reading
  • If you don’t know the accompaniment by heart, you cannot play the piece.
  • the importance of memorizing
  • all musicians should improvise
  • the importance of improvisation
  • how I would change the way we teach music
  • performing is what I do. Teach is what I do to pay the rent.


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