18 Tips To Help Your Mindset

18 Tips To Help Your Mindset

18 Tips To Help Your Mindset |

18 Tips To Help Your Mindset |


18 Tips to help your mindset
When starting a business

Many times, we talk about things forever, but we do not get started.
We can have the greatest plan in the world but if our mindset is bad – no go.
These 18 tips will help you develop a winning mindset to get past any barrier!

1 – GET STARTED: there is a law of diminishing intent and it goes like this:
You have a great idea. Slowly all the excuses force you to wait. The longer it takes – the less likely it starts. Suddenly you have an Inspiration to do something different…family – whatever – it gets in the way. In most cases the best ideas in the entire world are not executed.

2 – ANALYSIS PARALYSIS: whether its social media marketing, websites, what is the right podcast name? – by analyzing it over and over and over again you overthink it and delay the process. Whatever process you have just get going with it. It will change a million different

3 – FOCUS ON TODAY: do not worry about yesterday or tomorrow. A better idea is – where do you see yourself or the company going tomorrow? Often, we are waylaid by the whirlpool – items that interfere with our focus, people coming up out of the network – “that’s a crazy
idea!”– “what are you doing?”. Avoid the whirlwind and focus in the most important goals.

4 – BOOKEND YOUR DAYS: what time do you get up – and what time you go to bed? Will
you meditate? Read the Bible? If you add your activities into your schedule you will accomplish
or get a sense of accomplishing more. And have fun with it. Add inspirational fun things with
your family.

5 – THE CHECKLIST: commit to a checklist every day. What do I need to get done? Put wins
on your checklist. As you get through them it increases your confidence to do the bigger things.
At the end of the day, for example, listen to a motivational podcast – you must finish out that
checklist or roll it into tomorrow. Start accomplishing the big things and celebrate the wins. The
best of the best always take action today and DO NOT WAIT!

6 – DON’T OVERDUE IT: easy to put too many things into your schedule. Takes over your
mindset. If you feel overwhelmed, take a day off. It’s ok! Be a leader within yourself and sleep
in, take an afternoon off. Do not over hustle and grind. You will be more energized if you take

7 – STAY FOCUSED: in a world of social media, what’s the next greatest thing, going from
idea to idea to idea instead of staying focused. Get an Accountability Coach – nobody likes it but
without it we will not get to anywhere we want to go. How to you become accountable? Hire a
coach! Most important thing you can do. One of the best ways to hold yourself accountable is
to put your money where your mouth is and hire a coach. I talked about it for 3 years but had
no accountability. You can have friends and family members make you accountable. It will make
a world of difference getting a coach.

8 – PLAN YOUR SCHEDULE FOR THE WEEK: if not, you will get caught up with mindless
things. I do specific things, categorizing and coloring them into a digital calendar. I plan it out
every week. At the end of the day, I finish the checklist – learn something – and get inspired.
After it is all planned out, I email that schedule to my coach for accountability. Staying focused
is very difficult so you have to have structure throughout your day.

9 – JUST DO SOMETHING: that isn’t that hard. You can learn a million things. You will
maintain 10 % of what you learn. Do not get overwhelmed with all the things you learned at
different summits. Do one thing and follow up – stay focused, hit those goals and your life will

10 – AVOID THE MINDSET SLUMP: over time we are not going to be as energetic as we
started day one. Getting setbacks is one of the quickest ways to stop. The closer you get to your
goals the more and more haters you will get. Some of them will be the closest friends or family
members. The reason why they are concerned about you is:
– The fact they care about you.
– They do not have the talent or motivation to do what you do.

11 – REVIEW “WHY?”: why did I start this? What was your intent? Why would you quit your
job to do these things? A book I recommend is, Start with Why by Simon Sinek. Why is
important. Your why may be family, wife, flexibility, more money etc. When I do not want to be
vulnerable, I recall my why. Be that leader and understand why you are doing what you are

12 – REVIEW HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME: we often get so caught up on being tough on
ourselves. You have overcome so many things in your life to get you where you are now. When
you are in a mindset slump go back to how far you have come. When you realize how far you
have come you will realize how proud you are which will get you out of your slump. Use the 5,000-foot view.

13 – ASK FOR HELP: typically, we do not. Typically, we start something we get going and then
we ask, what do I do now, why am I hard on myself? It is important to reach out to people who
have already done it. Call people you can talk personally about yourself and ask for new ideas.
Check the ego at the door and learn from other people – mirror them.

14 – ENJOY THE JOURNEY: how has failure shaped your life? When I enjoy the journey, I
accept the failures. You will never test yourself unless you put yourself out there and make
yourself vulnerable. Focus on long term. If you encourage starting your own business – enjoy
the journey and it all comes down to your mindset.

15 – EXPECT THE HATERS: the more we expect them, they are going to come. Embrace them
and enjoy them. When they do come, they will be there. Welcome them with open arms.

16 – IMAGINE WHAT SIX MONTHS FROM NOW LOOK LIKE: if I include these things in
my daily life, imagine what 6 months from now will look like. Who can I help?

17 – IMAGINE LIVES THAT ARE GOING TO CHANGE: “It will not be worth it if we do it for
ourselves. The more people you help achieve their goals, the better you will achieve yours.”

18 – BE PROUD OF YOURSELF: Let’s be real – no one else is. Times are tough. Difficult for
someone else to be proud of you if you are not proud of yourself.

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