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Flute Sonata No. 2 – (The Queen Elizabeth Sonata)

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Flute Sonata No. 2 (The Queen Elizabeth Sonata) – Inspired by Queen Elizabeth and details the personality and characteristics of Queen Elizabeth in 3 movements

Movement 1 – Praeludium – captures the Tudor Elizabethan flavor of the period. 5’08

The Sonata’s first movement, Praeludium, pays homage to the musical spirit of the Tudor and Elizabethan eras. As the flute weaves its melodies, listeners are transported to the courtly elegance and vibrant musical tapestry of 16th-century England.

Drawing from the characteristic modal harmonies of the time, this movement embraces the Mixolydian scale, infusing the music with an air of antiquity and intrigue. The melodic lines, adorned with ornate flourishes and decorative trills reminiscent of the era’s musicians, evoke the grace and sophistication of courtly dances. The intricate interplay between flute and accompaniment echoes the contrapuntal textures favored during this period, showcasing the artistry of intertwining melodies. Moments of rhythmic contrast, shifting between lively dance-like motifs and contemplative passages, reflect the emotional depth inherent in Elizabethan compositions. Inspired by the spirit of the madrigal, the movement captures both the exuberance of celebration and the wistful nostalgia of bygone times. Through the flute’s expressive voice, “Elizabethan Reverie” invites the listener to journey through the musical essence of a captivating era.


Movement 2 – Lullaby – her political motto: “I see and say nothing.” 6’05

The second movement draws inspiration from Queen Elizabeth’s enigmatic motto, “I see and say nothing.” Like a veil draped over hidden truths, this movement embodies a musical portrayal of restrained expression and veiled emotions.

The flute’s delicate phrases delicately dance around elusive harmonies, embodying the art of saying much without overtly speaking. Mysterious and ambiguous cadences linger, hinting at concealed depths that remain unspoken. With an interplay of contrasting dynamics, fleeting moments of intensity punctuate an otherwise subdued narrative, as if glimpses of withheld emotions briefly surface before retreating into the silence once more. The pauses and rests within the music symbolize the power of silence, where unspoken truths reside in the spaces between the notes. The melodic contours, understated yet poignant, convey a sense of emotional complexity hidden beneath a composed exterior. The movement weaves a narrative of subtle shifts in mood, evoking a tapestry of enigmatic whispers that tantalize without revealing the full story.


Movement 3 – Theme and Variations – her position on marriage as a diplomatic decoy. 5’04

The final movement mirrors Queen Elizabeth’s strategic stance on marriage as a diplomatic tool. This theme and variations capture the multifaceted world of courtly alliances and the ever-shifting landscape of political strategy. The main theme, presented at the outset, embodies the core diplomatic decoy—a melody that transforms and adapts throughout the movement. Each variation that follows portrays a different ‘mask’ or diplomatic façade, encapsulating the diverse array of suitors and alliances sought after.

Variations shift between contrasting styles, from regal and triumphant to jocular and introspective, representing the array of potential alliances and the emotional complexity underlying each decision. Musical motifs undergo dramatic fluctuations, symbolizing the evolving nature of political allegiances. As the variations unfold, listeners are taken on a journey through a musical tapestry of shifting alliances and personas. Celebratory fanfares intertwine with juggling melodies, reflecting the dichotomy of diplomatic decoy—both a tool of grandeur and a burden of sacrifice. The movement culminates in a grand finale, where the amalgamation of themes and motifs signifies the intricate dance of diplomacy, showcasing Queen Elizabeth’s unparalleled mastery in navigating the complexities of courtly alliances.


It was specially written for Jill Felber.






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