Christopher Caliendo

Christopher Caliendo

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The Power of Transferable Skills

Recently, I did a podcast with Dr. Pelè who is a bestselling author, musician, and host of the PROFITABLE HAPPINESS™ Podcast, where he features the stories of highly successful executives, experts, and entrepreneurs who exemplify the use of happiness to build profitable workplace cultures.

Transferrable skills are those strengths and competencies acquired through experience in one field of life and work, and then re-imagined and applied to a new life or work situation. They are amongst the most valuable skills one can possess because you are able to approach a new situation with a wide variety of perspectives, each with their own unique powers to transform and elevate creativity and success in one’s new working environment.

In this episode, we meet creativity thought leader, musician, and corporate business executive Christopher Caliendo. Christopher is the Vice President of Business Development at Opus Bank, and has leveraged his vast musical success and background to add creativity to the banking industry.

My favorite quotes from Christopher Caliendo (paraphrased):

“Sales is the Art of Listening!”

“Never Stop Networking!”

“You are more than your business title!”

“Music is a Recreation of Reality!”


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Christopher Caliendo


The Cello Concerto No.1 was written and dedicated to Armen Ksajikian, principal cellist for the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.  For 20 years I have had the pleasure of working with Armen in the Hollywood recording Studios for SONY Pictures, 20th Century Fox, TCM and others. The following series of video blogs will take

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Christopher Caliendo

Gypsy Americanco

My new production, Gypsy Americano,  an original style of music blending dance, American jazz and world Gypsy music was produced in Dallas, Texas a few years back at the National Flute Convention. Twenty four arrangements from the CD Gypsy Americano were released, one of which, “Meriben” was awarded first prize for newly published flute music

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Christopher Caliendo

Music from the Tower Radio Program

Episode No. 74 Saturday, November 23, 2019 Christopher Caliendo, Composer, Guitarist, Arranger, Publisher, Film Work, Educator Meet LA’s own, Christopher Caliendo. As a composer, Caliendo is considered a “best bet” by the Los Angeles Times, with more than 400 published theatrical works. Caliendo has won numerous honors, including 10-time winner of the National Flute Association’s

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Christopher Caliendo

Welcome to Caliendo World Music Publishing

Welcome to the Caliendo World Music Publishing blog. Your place to talk about the world of music. A little bit about me. Composer, guitarist, conductor, teacher and publisher, Christopher Caliendo has written over five hundred classical/world music compositions, some of which comprise his American Tangos, American Gypsy, Chamber Jazz, Classical Jazz and World Music collections.

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Christopher Caliendo

Dick Dinman Interviews Christopher on “The Iron Horse”

The 1924 blockbuster that launched John Ford into Hollywood’s emerging A-list of directors, The Iron Horse is an epic mythification of the American railroad’s birth: a rambunctious blend of historical drama and Western actioner, revenge story and saloon comedy, noble biopic and all-bets-off tall tale.  As a composer for film and television, Caliendo’s accomplishments include the 20th

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Christopher Caliendo

Dick Dinman on Peckinpah’s MAJOR DUNDEE

Christopher Caliendo discusses the story of the unprecedented re-scoring of Major Dundee; the challenges and joys of composing in Hollywood’s demanding culture. Includes score excerpt with Dick Dinman’s DVD Classics Corner. Christopher’s Segment    Full Interview with Michael Anderson, Jr. in the making of Major Dundee.  Composer Christopher Caliendo discusses the story of the unprecedented

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