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Flute Sonata No. 6 – (The Toulouse Lautrec Sonata)

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Flute Sonata No. 6 (The Toulouse Lautrec Sonata) for the flute and piano is a musical dramatization based on 4 post-impressionistic circus prints courtesy of the distinctive style of Toulouse Lautrec.  These magnificent drawings are both sympathetic and dispassionate and have helped establish his reputation as one of the greatest painters of the post-impressionistic period.

Mvt 1 – Ballettes, fantaisie nautique et japonaise

This movement serves to introduce our cast of circus characters – colorful, skillful, and energetic. The ensemble enters the big tent. A Japanese dancer, our featured artist, emerges from the cast and moves toward the center of the ring, She takes a special bow in front of the audience before her acrobatic peers escort her from the main tent.   Duration: 4’16

Met 2 – Danseuse de corde (rope dancer)

All eyes are cast on the circus performer on the tightrope. Rather than capture the physical aspects of the performer, I chose to focus on the artistry and beauty of the high-wire dancer.  Duration: 4

Mvt 3 – Clown dresseur (clown trainer)

This movement portrays a small poodle looking up at a huge clown brandishing a whip. The dog is belittled by the little clown, its vulnerability heightened by the shaving of its fur giving it a groomed and feminine air. The poodle’s appearance is like the clown’s; their androgynous disguises not only bind them together but also fuel their conflict, seeming to be in competition for the same identity. The music utilizes two vocabularies: one, delicate, whimsical, and kinetic for the poodle, the other raw, any, and dissident for the clown.   Duration: 3’29

Mvt 4 – Travail sur le panneau (work on the panel)

This movement features a skilled performer – a lovely lady riding side saddle on a big horse. Intensely alive and fascinating, this image reproduces the riding exercises showing extraordinary precision.  Duration: 5’22

Total Duration: 17 minutes






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