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Happy Anniversary | Piccolo | 3 Flutes | Alto | Bass | Contra Bass Flute

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Program Notes for “Happy Anniversary: A Flute Choir Arrangement”

In celebration of your flute choir anniversary, Christopher Caliendo presents a delightful 2-minute arrangement of “Happy Anniversary” for the flute choir, creatively interwoven with the iconic themes from Giacomo Rossini’s “William Tell Overture.” This arrangement is scored for Piccolo, three Flutes, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, and Contra Flute, showcasing the rich and diverse textures of the flute family.


Thematic Inspirations and Variations:

Rossini’s “William Tell Overture,” renowned for its exhilarating energy and memorable melodies, serves as the foundation for this imaginative piece. Christopher blends Rossini’s robust overture with the celebratory “Happy Anniversary” theme, creating a unique and engaging fusion.

The arrangement begins with a playful nod to Rossini’s pastoral opening, evoking the serene Swiss landscape through the delicate timbres of the flutes. As the piece progresses, it introduces the galloping rhythms of the overture’s allegro section, echoing the famous “Lone Ranger” theme, cleverly intertwined with jubilant motifs from “Happy Anniversary.”

Each variation brings a fresh perspective:

  • The Piccolo adds a sparkling brilliance, soaring above the ensemble and capturing the overture’s spirited zest.
  • The three Flutes provide a harmonious backdrop, weaving intricate counterpoints that highlight the interplay between Rossini’s dramatic flair and the celebratory anniversary tune.
  • The Alto Flute and Bass Flute offer a warm, sonorous depth, grounding the arrangement and adding a lush, resonant quality that contrasts beautifully with the brighter flutes.
  • The Contra Flute, with its rich, deep tones, anchors the ensemble, giving a robust foundation that supports the vibrant melodic tapestry above.

Christopher navigates through dynamic shifts and textural contrasts, seamlessly transitioning from Rossini’s lively passages to the buoyant strains of the anniversary theme. This blend not only pays homage to Rossini’s timeless masterpiece but also breathes new life into the celebratory tune, making it an ideal tribute for any flute choir anniversary occasion.


“Happy Anniversary: A Flute Choir Arrangement” is more than just a musical celebration; it’s a testament to the enduring influence of classical themes and their ability to inspire contemporary creativity. Christopher Caliendo’s arrangement skillfully captures the essence of Rossini’s exuberance while honoring the joyous spirit of the anniversary, offering audiences a performance that is both nostalgic and refreshingly original.

This particular arrangement was dedicated to Leslie Etzel, founder of Cafe Flutes, an Arizona-based flute choir that is celebrating 10 years of community service performing for numerous venues throughout the state of Arizona.

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SKU CWMP WM 8 FC Category
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