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Christopher Caliendo

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Caliendo World Music Publishing is an online publisher that distributes world music for classical musicians while providing members with training programs that teach musicians how to parlay soft skills into the field of business.

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Use Your Music Education To Succeed in Today's Business World

Caliendo World Music Publishing | Caliendo World Music Publishing

The 2t Academy is born with the mission of life coaching musicians in business skills. We aim to transform your career and lead YOU to success as well as promote a healthier work-life balance.

 As a musician, you naturally possess soft skills such as creativity and adaptability. We coach you in how to transform them in business skills. In fact, you bring your area of expertise and we will provide the strategies you need to bring your career to NEW heights. 


Motivational Speaker


James Cooley, published author, motivational speaker, CEO of the Cooley Foundation and podcaster for the It’s Your Life Show interviewed my life as a composer, commercial banker and how I was able to draw from the arts and finance to create the first online Academy for musicians seeking to use

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Cost Of Living Classical Musicians

Cost of Living

The annual salary for full time classical musicians was $42,800 according to the NEA December 2020. Which is why musicians work other jobs often in the restaurant, retail or hospitality industries where work dried up during covid and with today’s cost of inflation cannot pay enough to have a sustainable

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The Connors Report

The Connors Economic Report
July 2021

BRIAN CONNERS – Our 2t Academy Sustainable Life Coach provides insights for Planning Today for Tomorrow’s Changes!   In this month’s report, Brian shares:   Keys to Surviving and Thriving in Post-Covid 19 and Beyond Macro Economic Trends at a Glance The Economy at a Glance The Market at a

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Dennis Kushner Report

JULY 2021

Get the latest on global, US, and regional trends in the economy and finance every month within 35 minutes from our adjunct faculty financial adviser, Dennis Kushner! Here are some of the highlights Dennis covers for the month of July, 2021! Key Economic Indicators GDP – Gross Domestic Product Inflation

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