Prosperare (to prosper)
Symphonic Orchestra

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I? continue to work as an executive Vice President at Manufacturers Bank, a commercial bank n Los Angeles to help support my musical career. My responsibilities entail helping middle market companies prosper and thrive by providing financial solutions, products and industry resources. Today, middle market businesses face alarming challenges. Their success is largely dependent on whether the company’s operation’s plan can meet the changes placed upon them by such disruptive events as the latest technology, the continuing recession and smaller market share.? The music in Prosperare attempts to define three distinctive emotions that all successful business owners possess – ambition, hope and hardihood. Ambition to meet the responsibilities necessary to enact their vision, hope which defines trust in God that those definitive decisions are in line with His purpose, and hardihood – the resolute courage and fortitude that define the rudder character of the middle market entrepreneur. In many ways the spirit of these men and women contribute, defend and define the very essence of the American spirit?




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Length: 12:40
Translation: To Prosper
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