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Flute Sonata No. 9 – (The Manhattan Sonata)

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Movement 1

Village Vanguard/Blue Note – cultural institutions.  Max Gordon, the first Village Vanguard jazz musician, opened the club in 1935.  Blue Note had its inception in 1981 and has since become one of the premiere jazz clubs in the world.  This movement serves as a tribute to two cultural NY icons that continue to carry the torch for jazz in the 21st century. 3’35

Movement 2

The High Line, Lower West Side.  An essential piece of New York’s industrial past, the High Line is in an extraordinary public park that has been recently renovated, enriching a vibrant community that loves live jazz programming, innovative design, and excellence in operations.4’59

Movement 3

Interborough Rapid Transit Subway, the IRT opened on October 27th, 1904, becoming the first subway company in New York City.  Even with elevated train lines springing up around the city, the need for an underground rapid transit railroad was an obvious solution to street congestion and to assist development in outlying areas.  This music captures the admixture of crowds getting off at City Hall – the showpiece stop of the new subway in 1904. 4’31

Duration: 13 minutes







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