SHI: The Way of the Warrior No. 1 - The Movie Book by Tucci & Caliendo!


SHI – the movie book!  A multi media streamed version of Shi #1 with original soundtrack, sound effects and voice over artists recreating Billy Tucci’s first issue of SHI: The Way of the Warrior by Emmy nominated Hollywood media composer Christopher Caliendo!

Enjoy SHI like never before with original music customized with authentic Japanese instruments and sound effects! Hollywood voice over artists bring these beloved characters to life while the music and sound effects add visceral power and operatic drama to this beloved story!

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The Movie Book by Tucci & Caliendo!

William Tucci  – is an illustrator, writer and filmmaker best known for his creator-owned title and character, Shi. Billy founded Crusade Comics in Bayport, New York and its flagship title, Shi, debuted in March 1994. Publisher Top Cow’s character Witchblade and David Mack’s character Kabuki debuted in Shi before going on to their own titles.  Tucci wrote and illustrated Shi: Return of the Warrior” and wrote “Zombie-Sama!, a comedy graphic novel with illustrator John Broglia, both published by Crusade Fine Arts.

Hailed “A Wunderkind!” by LA Weekly, Christopher Caliendo is ​a Composer, Guitarist, Publisher, Educator, Recording Artist, and life coach whose diverse music styles — featuring everything from Brazilian samba to Italian folk songs to American pop music to classical melodies—have been embraced worldwide, finding equal resonance with film studios, philharmonics, chamber societies, the Vatican, the U. S. Military, fellow artists, political figures, and celebrities.  As a composer, Caliendo is considered a “best bet” by the Los Angeles Times, with more than 400 published theatrical works, many of which are standards in today’s repertoire and several have been chosen as subjects for dissertations for Doctoral students. As a self-publisher, Caliendo has won numerous honors, including 10-time winner of the National Flute Association’s Newly Published Sheet Music Award.

Notable recent commissions for Caliendo’s work include Sherlock Holmes: Symphonic Suite, commissioned by the Pacific Chamber Symphony, Soccer, commissioned by the Dèdalo Ensemble, which premiered in Brescia, Italy; The Hobbit: Symphonic Suite, commissioned by the Pacific Chamber Symphony, and Enders’s Game: Concert Band Suite, commissioned by the United States Air Force, a recording of which was released to honor the 70th anniversary of D-Day. His second String Symphony was premiered by the PCSO recently.

As a composer for film and television, Caliendo’s accomplishments include the 20th Century Fox-commissioned soundtrack to John Ford’s 1924 silent film The Iron Horse. Called an “excellent orchestral score” by New York Times film critic Dave Kehr, the 136-minute original work was featured at 20th Century Fox’s 75th anniversary celebration in 2010, where selections were performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, along with music from Alfred Newman, David Raskin, Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams, and Rodgers and Hammerstein at the Hollywood Bowl. The soundtrack was also included in the Top 10 Film Scores of 2007 by Film Score Monthly magazine.


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