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A little bit about me.

Composer, guitarist, conductor, teacher and publisher, Christopher Caliendo has written over five hundred classical/world music compositions, some of which comprise his American Tangos, American Gypsy, Chamber Jazz, Classical Jazz and World Music collections. His unique blending of musical styles within the classical school has attracted a considerable following.

“Critics have rejoiced, calling him, “America’s next Gershwin” – Vatican Press, Rome.

Christopher Caliendo was born in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY. He studied at the New England Conservatory of Music and graduated with a BA from Lowell College of Music. Christopher received the prestigious Henry Mancini Award for Film Composition and was invited by Mr. Mancini to study at UCLA, where he received his Masters of Fine Arts Degree with the highest honors in Theory/Composition. Other awards endowed upon him include: the Artin Arslanian Scholarship for Humanities; a decorative scroll from the City of Los Angeles for outstanding gifts as a composer, guitarist and teacher; and the Peabody Grant for Scholarship.

In 1992, Christopher became the first American composer in Vatican history to be commissioned for the Vatican’s Encounters of Sacred Contemporary Music Festival, held in Rome, Italy. He received a second commission in 1995, and his sacred two-hour drama, based on four of the Catholic Church’s most enigmatic pioneers in Western spirituality, “The Mystic Saints,” was a direct result of those commissions.

Christopher’s television composition resume includes prime time TV for CBS network’s legendary series “Dallas,” and for the award-winning series “Paradise,” where he received an Emmy nomination for his work with composer Jerrold Immel. He has worked with numerous Hollywood legends as composer/guitarist, including Bob Hope, David Newman, Henry Mancini, and The Manhattan Transfer.

In 2005 Christopher became the first composer in motion picture history to re-score a major motion picture – the restoration and re-release of Sam Peckinpah’s epic Western, “Major Dundee.” The New York Times calls it, “a vastly improved musical score.” Intrada Records and SONY Pictures partnered on mastering the CD sound track released under the “signature” series of great Hollywood film scores, 2006. The DVD release has garnered world-wide praise. Film critic Leonard Maltin calls the score, “.. a tremendous asset and,
for Sam Peckinpah buffs, a great victory.”

In 2007 Christopher received the distinguished Heritage Award from the Academy of Motion Pictures for his original soundtracks commissioned by 20th Century Fox for both John Ford’s epic western, “The Iron Horse,” and World War I classic, “Four Sons.” Film Score Monthly voted it in their annual poll as one of the top ten soundtracks of 2007. Following the success of the DVD Bix Set release 20th Century Fox hired Christopher to score Borzage’s, Lucky Star and F. W. Murnau’s, City Girl to be released December, 2008.

An evening of Christopher’s world music compositions was performed live on NPR radio at the prestigious Sundance Music festival. The Daily News in Los Angeles called Christopher Caliendo a “wunderkind!” and the Los Angeles Times described his world music performances as “The Best Bet of the evening.” Keith “Musikman” Hannaleck has described Christopher as, “… one fantastic guitar player … simply masterful and as fluid as humanly possible. A great composer … one of the best musicians in the world.”

Christopher’s sheet music publications are sold at over 45 retailers nation-wide through Caliendo World Music Publishing, Inc., and at major sheet music internet sites, such as Sheet Music Plus (www.sheetmusicplus.com), and Encore Music (www.encoremusic.com). Mr. Caliendo’s sheet music publications are also available with over 120 sound bytes and 3 DVD promos at: christophercaliendo.com

Caliendo World Music Publishing’s publications have won numerous honors and awards – ten times receiving from the NFA the highest honor for best newly published sheet music in the United States. “The Flute Concerto No. 1,” has been endorsed by Miyazawa Flute Manufacturers. Miyazawa flutist, Stacy Ascione, gave the concerto’s world premiere performance this year in Washington D.C. Noted clarinetist, Gary Gray, will be premiering Mr. Caliendo’s Clarinet Concerto No. 1 in 2009.

Miyazawa Flutes and Caliendo World Music Publishing partnered to release “Miyazawa Plays Caliendo,” Flute
Sonata’s 1, 2 & 3. Christopher has also released a second new recording, “Caliendo – Hits, Volume 1,” with flutist
John Barcellona and cellist Ian Flatt – a compilation of his best-selling sheet music publications.

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